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Proximity Cinéma

Inspired by the Valie Export piece “Tap and Touch Cinema”, Trenda’s performance, Proximity Cinéma focuses on personal space. While Valie Exports performance was about having intimate experiences in a public setting, Trenda’s work focuses on this same concept but integrating cell phone screens.

Proximity Cinema shows how our behaviors have changed with the integration of vernacular technology. For example, the word, “touch” has a completely different meaning today. Originally “touch,” meant human-to-human contact but in Proximity Cinema, the artist shows how touch is now through the physical contact of the screen. During the performance, the artist hugs, caresses, and touches the viewer while the viewer touches the screens found on the body of the artist.

Trenda is completely covered in a synthetic suit with forty small 2.6” LCD cell phone screens. The images on these devices relay the most spoken words between men and women. They include: “Go Ahead”, “It’s OK”, and “Don’t Worry About It”. The image on these devices change depending on how far away the viewer is from the artist. When the audience touches the screen, it reveals a photo of the artist’s body.

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