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Trenda shows video at Art Miami Context Special Projects


CONTEXT Projects

This year CONTEXT PROJECTS will feature artists working with new technologies. From avant-garde wearables to interactive art and new media art, the exhibition will explore the relationship between the audience, technology, performance and art.

CONTEXT Projects will offer fairgoers a chance to view 3D “performative” wearable designs. The exhibition will feature avante garde pieces from different designers, including Chromat (who has dressed stars including Beyonce, Madonna and Taylor Swift) and Francis Bitoni (who styled icon Dita Von Teese in a 3D printed gown) who has helped on NASA funded projects to develop a robotic fabrication technology to 3D print structures on the Moon and Mars, Artist of the Year at London International Creative Competition Awards winner who has performed at the LACMA, Broad Museum and Worlds’ Expo Tiffany Trenda, and Anouk Wipprecht, who received massive acclaim for her robotic spider dress powered by Intel-Edison and has worked with such companies as Autodesk, Audi, Google, and Microsoft.

Contributing Artists:

Anouk Wipprecht | Behnaz Farahi | Chromat | Francis Bitonti | Tiffany Trenda