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Trenda lectures at Dorkbot in San Francisco September 14, 2016



Time:  7:00pm doors open 8:00pm presentations

Date:  September 14 2016

Place:  Monument  140 9th St. San Francisco, CA



Tiffany Trenda – The Future Body
We are curating our lives by revealing and concealing ourselves through the materialization of screens. How does this change our behaviors? Does this effect the ideological perspective of the female body? Trenda’s performances and installations explore the relationship of the human body, particularly the female body, to technology. Today, our tech-obsessed culture are constantly changing, shifting, and redefining the human body.

Moldover – Playable Packaging: Musical Instruments as Album Artwork
Dig deeper into Moldover™s work and you will uncover a subversive cultural icon who has redefined physical media with his Instrument-Albums, revolutionized musical collaboration with his custom Jamboxes, and is inspiring an entire generation of forward thinking music-makers by openly sharing his methods and process.

Terbo Ted – Art Beats Adversity
Ted will discuss the ever-changing landscape facing artists in our society. He is completing his first novel- a love story between an AI and a human- and about to start writing a second fiction work about intentional communities. He will be presenting new digital works and a discussion of the technical process behind them

Daniel Anderson – Floatra, Azoth Pyramid, and knautilus
Daniel is presenting three projects, all related and relying on each other, but also yielding different artistic expressions and offering solutions to different problems. Daniel Anderson (knautwerk / blondknaut) is a San Francisco Bay installation artist, creative technologist, and performer. His projection-mapping installations have graced cathedrals, historic architectural sites, and transformational festivals.