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Tiffany Trenda exhibiting at Moving Images group show at The McLoughlin Gallery June 18th – July 18th



Moving Images Group Exhibition opens on June 18th
The McLoughlin Gallery presents Moving Images, a group exhibition featuring the works of 5 artists that will be on view from June 18th until July 18th 2015.  In this exhibition each of these 5 artists manifests a unique and innovative approach in exploring the intersection of art and technology.

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San Francisco based artist, David Molina, is able to make music out of anything. Using a collection of found objects and instruments Molina’s signature eclectic style is created some of which enable the audience interact.  Daniel Postaer, Los Angeles based photographer, captures people and places in the movie of life in less than glamorous worlds where a beautiful quiet exists and emerges in his larger scale prints.  New media performance artist, Tiffany Trenda, based out of Los Angeles, explores the relationship of the human body, in particular her physical body, to technology.  Her interactive performance promotes a dialogue of how we see others and ourselves  integrating with technology.  Northern California based installation and visual artist, Andrew Voogel, creates ‘optical interventions.’ His large-scale pieces have a way of inviting you in and then pushing you away, leaving the viewer to think about themes of intimacy and isolation.  Jamie Zigelbaum, living in New York, employs light, computation, and industrial design to create sensate, interactive sculptures in order to understand the relationship between information structures and the human organism.

Artists have been investigating art and technology for decades. As technology evolves artists continue to explore new ways to express their creativity beyond the canvas.  In Moving Images, the intersection of these two disciplines is explored with an emphasis on technology-based frameworks incorporating social and interactive media.  “The intent is to  to challenge the conventional thinking of art, technology and culture,” explains Joan McLoughlin, Gallerist, The McLoughlin Gallery.

For more information please go to the gallery’s website:  http://www.mgart.com

Trenda will perform Body Code and exhibit Body Code Print Times Square, and Body Code Mask.