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Trenda exhibiting at Auto Body, a four-day project during Art Basel

December 4/5, Daily Hours: 11am – 6pm
December 6/7, Daily Hours: 11am – 11pm

LOCATION: 1750 Bay Road, Miami Beach

PARKING: Sunset Harbour Garage: 1900 Bay Road (between 18th & 20th St.)

Ximena Caminos Director/Chief Curator

Website:  http://www.autobody-movement.com

Contact: info@autobody-movement.com


Auto Body, a four-day video and performance project, will debut December 4, 2014 during Miami Art Week. Featuring works by 33 international female artists, with a focus on Miami based artists, the time- based project will include a dynamic installation of 25 videos and a daily performance program. The exhibition will be staged at the defunct, 7,500 square- foot Giant Motors: Auto Body & Paint Shop (1750 Bay Road, Miami Beach), less than one mile away from the Miami Beach Convention Center. Selected artists were nominated by a curatorial platform consisting of over 25 international female curators. A local curatorial advisory committee consisting of: Ximena Caminos (Director/Chief Curator, Faena Art Buenos Aires and Faena Forum Miami Beach), Tami Katz-Freiman (Independent Curator, former Chief Curator, Haifa Museum of Art), Brandi Reddick (Curator/Artists Manager, Miami- Dade County Art in Public Places), and Chana Budgazad Sheldon (Executive Director, Locust Projects), who are making significant contributions to the Miami art community, selected the final works. Auto Body is a traveling exhibition. In the next year, Auto Body will travel to Faena Art Buenos Aires, running concurrently with the debut of Bienal Performance 2015 and ArteBA 2015. As the show travels participating artists will increase and continue to become more diverse. In each new location there will be a local focus allowing new conversations to take shape.


Artists incldue: 

María José Arjona (1973, Colombia)

Jen DeNike (1971, US)

Cara Despain (1983, US)

Zackary Drucker (1983, US)

Naomi Fisher (1976, US)

Eloise Fornieles (1980, UK)

Regina Jose Galindo (1974, Guatemala)

Micol Hebron (1972, US)

Paloma Izquierdo (1995, Cuba)

Angie Jennings (1984, US)

Marie Karlberg (1985, Sweden)

Sigalit Landau (1969, Israel)

Dana Levy (1975, Israel)

Molly Lowe (1983, US)

Cristina Lucas (1973, Spain)

Lee Materazzi (1982, US)

Alex McQuilkin (1980, US)

Ana Mendez (1981, US)

Nontsikelelo Mutiti (1982, Zimbabwe)

Tameka Norris (1979, Guam)

Daniela Ortiz  (1985, Peru)

Christina Pettersson (1976, Sweden)

Kembra Pfahler (1961, US)

Cheryl Pope (1980, US)

A.L. Steiner (1967, US) + Narcissister (1971, US)

Sharita Towne (1984, US)

Tiffany Trenda (1979, US)

Naama Tsabar (1982, Israel)

Georgia Wall (1986, US)

Agustina Woodgate (1981, Argentina)

Antonia Wright (1979, US)

Rona Yefman (1972, Israel) + Tanja Schlander (1974, Denmark)

Maya Zack (1976, Israel)


Curators include:

Faena Art Buenos Aires and Faena Forum Miami Beach

Tami Katz-Freiman Independent Curator, Former Chief Curator, Haifa Museum of Art

Brandi Reddick Curator/Artists Manager, Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places

Chana Budgazad Sheldon Executive Director, Locust Projects

Ombretta Agró Andruff, Independent Curator

Beth Boone, Director, Miami Light Project

Ximena Caminos, Director/Chief Curator, Faena Art Buenos Aires and Faena Forum Miami Beach

Mariangela Capuzzo, Curatorial Director, ICArt, Miami

Susan Caraballo, Director, ArtCenter South Florida

Ilaria Conti, Independent Curator

Carolyn Drake, Independent Curator

Rylee Eterginoso, Independent Curator

Rossella Farinotti, Independent Curator

Jane Hart, Curator, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

Rujeko Hockley, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Brooklyn Museum

Tami Katz-Freiman, Independent Curator, former Chief Curator, Haifa Museum of Art

Meaghan Kent, Director and Chief Curator, site95

Natalie Kovacs, Independent Curator

Zoe Lukov, Director of Exhibitions, Faena Art

Hadas Maor, Independent Curator

Kimberly Marrero, Independent Curator

Diana Nawi, Associate Curator, Pérez Art Museum Miami

Grela Orihuela, Independent Curator

Brandi Reddick, Curator/Artists Manager, Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places

Rotem Ruff, Independent Curator

Marie Shek, Independent Curator

Chana Sheldon, Executive Director, Locust Projects

Stephanie Sherman, Independent Curator

Sandra Teitge, Independent Curator

Natalia Zuluaga, Independent Curator